9 Types Of Dupattas A Desi Girl Needs To Have In Her Wardrobe (And How To Wear Them!)

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Once upon a time, ladies used to wear dupattas as an image of unobtrusiveness, yet now it’s one of the numerous things we put on to communicate our exceptional style. A dupatta (otherwise called ‘one,’ ‘chunni,’ or ‘chunari’) is a gigantic scarf kind of thing that can be hung around you in various manners. 9 Types Of Dupattas A Desi Girl Needs To Have In Her Wardrobe

It can likewise hang unreservedly from your shoulders, uncovering the lovely weaving or print. There is the same number of kinds of dupattas as there are sarees. However, we’ve assembled 9 of the most lovely ones with styling tips on the best way to wear them. Appreciate!

Chanderi Silk Dupatta

The primary and vibrant Chanderi dupatta originates from a town with a similar name in the territory of Madhya Pradesh. These dupattas are among the most affluent and beautiful garments a lady can wear and will look incredible with dresses made of Trussardi silk, cotton, cloth, or zari. Best to wear for bubbly events.

Types Of Dupattas A Desi Girl Needs Chanderi

Phulkari Dupatta

From Punjab comes the complicatedly planned Phulkari dupatta that is about flawless weaving and eye-catching flower designs. Wear with a straightforward outfit of quieted hues to let this dupatta stick out. This is available in all colors and looks best in blue dupatta and black shalwar kameez.
Phulkari, which converts into ‘bloom work,’ has a story carved in the way of life of Punjab. Spun from the charkha, this striking style of weaving is designed on odinis, shawls, Kurtis, and Chris. The fundamental segments of this weaving are the utilization of a darn line on an inappropriate side of the fabric with a painted smooth string. A face of design that discovers its first notification in Punjabi’s old stories of the sentimental hero’s Heer and Ranjha, Phulkari is a fantasy weaver for each young Punjabi lady.


9 Types Of Dupattas A Desi Girl Needs To Have In Her Wardrobe

Additionally, Phulkari made it to the Indian Subcontinent by the transient Jat individuals of Central Asia in scriptural occasions. Strategies and models were not archived yet transmitted by listening in on others’ conversations.

Banarasi Silk Dupatta

Each Desi young lady needs a Banarasi silk dupatta in her closet since it’s the very meaning of chic. If you need to glitz up your salwar kameez – this is the best approach to do it! You can likewise combine it with a long Anarkali dress for a dazzling impact. Sarees and dupattas made in Banaras have consistently been well known among Royalty!
It is readily available in all styles and looking gorgeous in white, pink color with jhala style.

Types Of Dupattas A Desi Girl Needs Bansari

Kalamkari Dupatta

Furthermore, Kalamkari dupattas are hand-painted magnum opuses that take a great deal of time and accuracy to make. Also, weavers make dazzling dupattas that go unfathomably well with some other dress thing in your closet. So, pick a distinctive structure and wear it with an extremely straightforward kurta for a relaxed, yet fantastic look. Toss in some ancestral adornments for a marvelous look.


9 Types Of Dupattas A Desi Girl Needs To Have In Her Wardrobe

Madhubani Dupatta

Additionally, Madhubani dupattas knew for their mind-boggling artistry and genuinely attractive examples made with characteristic colors. On the off chance that you need a dupatta that sticks out – this is it! So, Madhubani dupatta started in the Mithila locale of India and Nepal, and an assortment of individual components like twigs and sticks utilized to make the intricate examples.

Types Of Dupattas A Desi Girl Needs madhubani

Ikat Dupatta

Ikat dupattas bringing back the old conventional geometrical structures and an exceptionally impossible to miss coloring the texture that done before the real weaving even beginnings. At present, Ikat dupatta is turning into a piece of top of the line design, which implies you consequently become a glitz diva when you wear one!


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Net Dupatta

Moreover, a Net dupatta is a mark component of any gathering clothing. No look finished without this intensely weaved glossy dupatta that worn with about everything from lehengas to fabulous gathering dresses. It just makes everything look progressively fun and merry!


Chiffon Dupatta

So, Chiffon dupattas are a flat out enjoyment to wear. They are staggeringly light, smooth, and delicate on the skin, which makes them simple to heft around. They wore both for the party and easygoing looks as they can without much of a stretch change starting with one style then onto the next with the correct attire and embellishments.


Bandhani Dupatta

Furthermore, Bandhani dupattas come to us from Rajasthan and Gujarat, carrying with them the leftovers of the Ancient Hindus Valley Civilization. So, bandhani plans are ageless and never truly become dated. For the most staggering look, wear Bandhani dupatta with a basic white or dark kurta to make it stand apart much more.


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